UGG VS Mou: same warmth for different styles

UGG VS Mou: same warmth for different styles

When the winter magic arrives, with its cold days and Christmas atmosphere, soft and warm clothes appear in our wardrobes that can protect us from the low temperatures and accompany us in these cold but enchanting months. We carefully choose to wear comfortable and reassuring outfits, which are able to give us the same sensation as a boiling...

On Running, when Sport meets technology and Nature

Sport as a lifestyle, but even more so movement as internal and external well-being: that of On Running is a vision that marries nature, free time and lifestyle. A vision that is totally exalted in the new spring summer 2023 collection of the Swiss brand for both him and her. From "walking" shoes to actual running shoes without...

The freshness of Forte Forte makes summer explode

The freshness of Forte Forte makes summer explode

An explosion of colour, dynamism and youth. Forte Forte's spring summer 2023 collection is clear: there is a need for a boost of energy. And wearing it can only be a determined woman, who is not afraid to get involved and who, on the contrary, loves being the center of attention because she knows that, after all, her...

Manebì, for a holiday that lasts all year round

Manebì, for a holiday that lasts all year round

A true hymn to bohemian style, for both men and women. A summer collection, the 2023 by Manebì, which embraces earth and brown tones, but which also includes pastel colors and those that tell the story of the sea: Manebì offers a very specific style, with boho chic features, capable of offering a range of possibilities for every...

Color makes Atlantic Stars winter 2022 collection shine

Password color. The Atlantic Stars men's fall winter 2022 collection will also be marked by the joy and positivity that has always characterized the made in Italy brand that has also set a trend in Japan. In fact, there is no sneaker brand that has made color its strength as much as Atlantic Stars. Those who have always...


Tricker’s shoes, the charm of an icon brand and timeless

Key word comfort: because, you know, the feet are an expression not only of our physical path, but also a metaphorical one. This is why it is necessary to choose the best footwear that will accompany us during the coming cold season. Among these we certainly find Tricker’s Shoes, a guarantee of elegance and comfort for both him...

Moma Shoes

Moma Shoes, the unrivaled elegance of “handmade”

From bon ton to chunky, the shoe models that await us for the autumn winter 2022 season speak of the desire to affirm personality, character, and determination. A statement that, however, does not impose itself with aggressive styles and overbearing trends: the choice will be that of a refined shoe, which has a clear individuality but does not...


Color and modernity in the Santoni fall winter 2022 collection

Color, comfort, and elegance: this is the trend of the new Santoni collection for the fall / winter 2022 season. A shoe that leaves its mark in both the women's and men's collections with distinctive features such as Santoni orange as a leitmotif. Grit in the feet but always with that touch of style that has always made...

Veja 2022 for an eco-sustainable summer

Colorful, total white, for men and women and with two exclusive brands: this is the Veja summer 2022 collection, the eco-sustainable sneaker par excellence. For those looking for color, Veja shoes for Mansur Gavriel represent the top of the range. The upper is in ChromeFree leather, a result that is obtained when, in the tanning process, no chromium,...

Footwear and eco-sustainability, a winning combination

Eco-sustainability and green are two terms that, in recent months, have "forcefully" entered the common language of those who deal with footwear. More and more eco-sustainable footwear brands are dictating the law in this summer 2022. But which are the models to prefer now that the heat is starting to be felt? Veja, sneakers that are good for...

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