Giada Benincasa, clothes of love

Giada Benincasa, clothes of love

“Ciao Amore”: two simple words that have become iconic thanks to the creativity of Giada Benincasa, a young Milanese designer who has made this claim the leitmotif of her eponymous brand. And the phrase "Ciao Amore" will also be the protagonist of Giada Benincasa's autumn winter 2023 2024 collection between a jacquard, its inevitable stripes and colors with...

Autumn winter 2023/2024 men’s fashion: pastel colors and play of shapes

Gone are the days when a skirt worn by a man dominated the shots of fashion photographers crammed into their spaces to grab the cult piece of each fashion show. Now is (thankfully, we can say) the time for freedom of a fashion that leaves room for the expression of one's personality, thus capable of adapting to the...

The Woolrich parka, a timeless icon that defies extreme cold

The Woolrich parka, a timeless icon that defies extreme cold

Timeless icon of an ageless brand. Whoever says Parka says Woolrich and also the 2022-2023 winter collection of the well-known Italian brand from Pennsylvania does not disappoint expectations: warmth, comfort, style, all in the timeless sign of Woolrich’s wool and warmth. The Woolrich Parka, in fact, today is available in different models, ready to adapt to any climatic...

The winter of Save the Duck, ten years dedicated to greenery and fashion

Respect for nature, respect for animals, rispect for man: the winter 2022-2023 collection of the well-known brand for outerwear that has always created 100% animal-free and cruelty-free products is in full Save The Duck style. Also for this season, the one-hundred-grammes in warm and neutral colors are crazy, comfortable and warm for him and for her, the bomber...


Style and no gender: a winning combination

And what if the concept of style was already intrinsic in the meaning that the name bears beyond a mere gender issue between women's and men's fashion? This is what the universe of fashion has been questioning in recent years and, in particular, in this 2022 which is preparing to be more and more the year of no...

Etro: Spring Summer 2022 a collection in the name of color and freedom

Etro: Spring Summer 2022 a collection in the name of color and freedom

Warm mélange colors combined with soft pastels, patterned shapes and the unmistakable curvilinear patchwork: these are the ingredients of the Etro Spring Summer 2022 Women's and Men's collection. Irreverent and fresh lines in a full Etro style that lead us to dream of escape and the freshness of the change of season. The Etro woman between Punk Rock...

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